Photo Journey: Baby’s First Year

A Visual Aid and Advice for New Parents

This book “offers a winning combination of personal photographs and professional medical advice to chronicle what parents and other caregivers can expect from a baby’s first year.”

Anticipatory guidance for expectant and new parents is provided in a unique format. It is a photo-documentation of one infant’s growth and development that begins with a prenatal ultrasound and ends with a first year birthday celebration. But it is relevant to all babies. Common age-related milestones are captured in the photos, and a board-certified pediatrician’s sage advice is given in a concise, warm, and encouraging bedside manner. It is a quick read and ready reference.

Go ahead, turn the first page and take the first step of a journey into successful parenting!

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Madison Meets Magical Morpho

During a hike in the Costa Rican rainforest with her parents, Madison is startled by a large, blue butterfly. Her fear progresses to friendship as she finds beauty, magic, and human attributes in the Blue Morpho.

She discovers the butterfly doesn’t sing like the brightly colored birds. He’s not scary like the poison dart frogs. He’s not as playful or noisy as the monkeys. He is calm, as he moves mysteriously throughout the rainforest.

Madison blends magical thinking and curiosity as she learns a host of facts about butterflies and other rainforest inhabitants in her adventure.

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